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To ensure that NetSHIP operates at top performance, make sure that
you have the latest Java platform by visiting the Java site by clicking here.

If there is a red X found in the gray box above, Java will need to be installed
to access NetSHIP application. Download the latest version by clicking here.
If you are still having problems connecting to NetSHIP, please read our white paper
which describes what the problem might be and how you can fix it by clicking here.

Application Connection Guidelines:
• T1: Less than 1 minute*

• Cable/DSL: 1 to 2 minutes*

• 56K: 2 to 6 minutes*

• 28K: 4 to 10 minutes*

* These are estimated times. Actual connection time may vary.

Loading times may also be longer on days upgrades are applied to the application.

If you need further assistance please contact the AIT Helpdesk:

Phone: 1-630-766-8300 and ask for the Helpdesk

Email: helpdesk@aitworldwide.com


Version 9.0a